IAHE Bulletin - Issue # 2 - January 2017

Welcome from the CEO

Happy New year and welcome to Issue 2 of the IAHE Bulletin.

Over the last few months we have been concentrating on developing our benefits platform to make it as comprehensive and flexible as possible, so that our Members can rely on us for the support they need. Having recently implemented some new elements and improved certain areas, we wanted to take this opportunity to recap on what IAHE has to offer.

In partner news, the globally renowned HotelSwaps is a new addition to our list, which allows owners and operators to swap their unused rooms with other hotels worldwide. Members of IAHE are entitled to 20% discount on the first year’s Premium Membership.

It has been a very positive start to 2017 and we will continue to keep you informed over the coming months.

John Cameron, Chief Executive Officer, IAHE

IAHE benefits

Fully portable programmes (that remain with the policy holder whether they move jobs or relocate to a different country) including:

  • Customisable Health Insurance options – depending on your coverage situation, both primary and supplementary plans are available and you can tailor the most suitable package for your needs. Discount of 15% off normal rates.
  • Term Life Insurance – options range from 1 to 10 years and up to USD$500K coverage without a medical. Coverage is available up to USD$4m and 75 years of age. Discount of 15% off normal premiums.
  • Income protection insurance - in the case of illness or injury that pays 60% of your total package after an agreed waiting period. Pays out for up to 5 years, followed by a lump sum payment. Discount of 15% off normal premiums.
  • Retirement savings plan – saving for retirement should be a priority today, regardless of your age. This best in class plan gives 24/7 online access to your account with no charges to change investments or withdraw funds.


Career Management Centre

On joining, members can elect to register with the CMC as part of a confidential database. The CMC provides long-term assistance and support to its clients and Members, in order to help attract and identify opportunities for the executive placement of senior talent in the hotel industry on a global basis. An integral component is the formulation of a Personal Development Plan (PDP) and we can assist our Members in deciding which professional development initiatives will support their career aspirations where appropriate.


Partner discounts

IAHE has established a number of partnerships with highly regarded businesses offering products and services to Members and their families, at discounted rates, including HotelSwaps, AHLEI, Qantas and Pwc.


Become a Founding Member today

Visit our website to learn more about Membership at www.hotel-exec.com.