• How do I become a Member of the International Association of Hotel Executives?

    Go to Join Now and select the Membership form appropriate to your category and submit your details via the secure online system.

  • What does the Association do?

    The International Association of Hotel Executives is uniquely placed to provide access to portable healthcare and insurance options, career management support, professional development programs and networking opportunities with other members.

  • How do I know if I am eligible to join?

    Membership is open to all those specific categories of Hotel Executive contained within the Association. Those who have previously served as a Head of Function and retirees.


  • What are the benefits for Members?

    Membership brings with it an extensive range of benefits including:

    • Access to highly experienced Coaches/ Mentors
    • Eligibility for scholarships/subsidies
    • Access to a wide range of benefit plans at preferential rates
    • Access to exclusive international and portable retirement/pension plan options at preferential rates
    • Opportunities to share best practice
    • Prime opportunities for face-to-face and online networking, and webinar events
    • Peer-to-peer dialogue and opportunities to highlight matters of concern and interest to members
    • Eligibility to be considered for Annual Association awards
    • Opportunity to avail industry discounts
    • Advisory services and support in a wide range of industry and professional areas
    • Community – a place to belong and establish valuable professional and international career-long connections with "like-minded" professionals.
    • Invitation to the Regional Assemblies

    As we grow the more we can offer, and as we gain critical mass a number of other excellent benefits will become available through highly accredited third party providers as soon as we can make them as cost-effective for members as possible. Please visit our Membership Benefits section for more information.

  • How can I contact the Association?

    Visit the Contact Us page on our website or email us at: membership@hotel-exec.com.


  • How do I know this is an Association I can trust?

    Honour and integrity are the cornerstones of both our Associations and we have appointed a number of highly credible and influential hospitality professionals from around the world as CEO and Board of Governors who also recognise the value and share our passion for this Association’s aims and objectives. For a current list of Governors please visit the Organisation drop down on the About Us page.


  • Is there a local office I can liaise with in my own country?


    • At present our head office is in Dubai, UAE.
    • We have offices located in Hong Kong, London and New York – contact details can be found on Contact Us.
  • Are my personal and financial details secure and covered by Data Protection?

    We treat the privacy of personal information very seriously, and our complete Privacy Policy is published on the portal. We may connect to banking portals, which require financial details, and the security of these portals will be outlined on their respective websites.


  • Are there any incentives for referring new members?

    We do not offer referral fees. However, it is in the interest of all members for the Association to grow as quickly as possible, so we can offer further benefits as we achieve critical mass.


  • How much does membership cost?

    During our inaugural year our membership fees are set at:

    • Members - $129 (Promotion)
    • Retiree Members - $79
    • Hotel Fantasy Game Member $59

    Our current membership rates can also be found at Join Now.

  • Why is the membership cost set at this level?

    The membership fee has been set in order to make the Association viable, so it can deliver a wide range of benefits, and to maintain our position as a high-profile, professional Association.

  • Will I receive a payment receipt?

    Yes, a receipt is generated once payment is received and it will be sent via email within 48 hours.


  • What education opportunities do you offer?

    We plan to implement a range of education initiatives in the future via affiliations with renowned learning institutions in different regions. Plans include e-learning programs, as well as professional development courses and scholarships for young Hotel Executives.


  • Is the member liaison team multi-lingual?

    Currently, we conduct our communication in English, as the universal language of the hotel industry and, as we move forward, we will endeavour to offer other languages if required.


  • Is my membership affected by any change in employment?

    No, membership is totally portable so it can stay with you throughout your career and beyond. Please refer to our Charter for information.


  • What if my company has paid for my membership and I move jobs?

    Your Membership will remain with you and you will be responsible for future membership renewals.


  • Is there a dedicated members’ area on the portal? What does it offer?

    Yes, on joining, Members are provided with their own individual profile which becomes your dashboard, giving you access to all member entitlements.

    Members will also be provided with individual log in details for our exclusive Members Forum.

  • Can I choose which direct email communication I receive?

    Yes, there is an opt-out button on all our email communications.


  • Do you provide member information to any third parties?

    The only information we share to trusted partners is information you have agreed to.


  • How do I renew my membership annually?

    Reminders will be sent to you automatically and you can renew directly via your personal dashboard on the portal.


  • Where can I find my membership number?

    Your Membership Card includes all your membership details, including Membership number. For any queries contact membership services at membership@hotel-exec.com.

  • What do I get when I join?

    When you apply for membership you will receive the membership card and a Welcome letter from the President.


  • How long will it take to receive my membership card after I join?

    It will take approximately four weeks for the membership card depending on where you are located.


  • What is the purpose of the membership card?

    The purpose of the membership card is to identify you as a Member. It will be requested whenever you attend Association events and will entitle you to participate and vote on any matters that arise at events within the region in which you work and live. It also ensures you receive in full the privileges and benefits associated with your membership category.

    When availing certain offers and services provided by other members or third parties you may be requested to show your card as proof of current membership.