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Carol Joy London

Introducing Carol Joy London:

A British luxury beauty brand combining anti-ageing skin and hair care products with state-of-the-art treatments, implementing the unrivalled power of clinically proven, Pure Triple-Action Collagen and Refined Golden Millet Oil. The combination of these highly expensive and deeply potent active ingredients achieves instant and transformational results.

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Carol Joy London Treatments: Professional face and body spa treatments have been carefully hand-crafted to provide instant and transformational results. A synergy of  Triple Action Pure Collagen, Caviar Algae and refined Organic Golden Millet Oil form the core of the treatments whilst combining Myo-Col Lift Technique with Pure Oxygen and Diamond touch Microdermabrasion. Clients are left with unique and outstanding results.

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Carol Joy London is the first British Luxury Hair and Beauty Spa brand to create a ground-breaking concept fusing clinically proven Triple-Action Pure Collagen with Refined Golden Millet Oil, Nourishing Steam, Cell-Renewing Oxygen Therapies

and relaxing Shiatsu Massage techniques. This unique approach allows our experts to tailor-make your service whether you want a quick fix, or a more relaxed ‘Spa-inspired’ experience.

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Carol Joy London Products.

This unique blend of the latest Swiss engineering and advanced German manufacturing techniques now allows everyone to recapture their skin’s vitality, energy, confidence and beauty in a range of products and treatments designed specifically to work in complete unison.

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